Class PomPropertiesUtil

  • public class PomPropertiesUtil
    extends java.lang.Object
    This class is responsible for creating the file.
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      void createPomProperties​(MavenSession session, MavenProject project, Archiver archiver, customPomPropertiesFile, pomPropertiesFile, boolean forceCreation)
      Creates the file.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • PomPropertiesUtil

        public PomPropertiesUtil()
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      • createPomProperties

        public void createPomProperties​(MavenSession session,
                                        MavenProject project,
                                        Archiver archiver,
                                        boolean forceCreation)
        Creates the file.
        session - MavenSession
        project - MavenProject
        archiver - Archiver
        customPomPropertiesFile - optional custom pom properties file
        pomPropertiesFile - The pom properties file.
        forceCreation - force creation true/false
        ArchiverException - archiver exception. - IO exception.