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L10n Status

This report provides information about the level of completion of this project's localization effort. It lists all resource bundle files in the project(s), the number of property keys for translation and the number for keys translated for a list of supported locales.


L10n status summary table
Path Default de sv
Maven Surefire Report Plugin 20
Total: 20 19
(95 %)
(100 %)


  • M - number of missing keys in the given locale.
  • E - number of extra keys present in given locale, but missing from default one.
  • NT - number of non-translated keys which have the same value in the default locale and in the given locale.

Note: Both 'M' and 'NT' can report some false positives for cases when the value for the given locale is intentionally not included or have the same value as the default.

de - German

Locale German
Path Missing Keys Extra Keys Non-Changed Keys OK OK

sv - Swedish

Locale Swedish
Path Missing Keys Extra Keys Non-Changed Keys OK OK OK