Interface ConsoleLogger

All Known Implementing Classes:
ConsoleLoggerDecorator, NullConsoleLogger, PrintStreamLogger

public interface ConsoleLogger
Allows providers to write console messages on the running maven process.
This output is associated with the entire test run and not a specific test, which means it just goes "straight" to the console "immediately".
This interface is used in org.apache.maven.plugin.surefire.CommonReflector and reflected via IsolatedClassLoader which can see classes from JRE only. This interface MUST use JRE types in method signatures, e.g. String or Throwable, etc.
  • Method Details

    • isDebugEnabled

      boolean isDebugEnabled()
    • debug

      void debug(String message)
    • isInfoEnabled

      boolean isInfoEnabled()
    • info

      void info(String message)
    • isWarnEnabled

      boolean isWarnEnabled()
    • warning

      void warning(String message)
    • isErrorEnabled

      boolean isErrorEnabled()
    • error

      void error(String message)
      message - message to log
    • error

      void error(String message, Throwable t)
      Simply delegates to error( toString( t, message ) ).
      message - message to log
      t - exception, message and trace to log
    • error

      void error(Throwable t)
      Simply delegates to method error(null, Throwable).
      t - exception, message and trace to log