Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Maven Clover plugin properties

maven.clover.orderBy Yes Specifies how the reports must be sorted:
  • Alpha -- Alpabetical
  • PcCoveredAsc -- Percent total coverage, ascending
  • PcCoveredDesc -- Percent total coverage, descending
  • ElementsCoveredAsc -- Total elements covered, ascending
  • ElementsCoveredDesc -- Total elements covered, descending
maven.clover.instrument.tests Yes Decides whether to instrument test classes. false
maven.clover.report.html Yes Decides whether an HTML report will be generated. true
maven.clover.report.xml Yes Decides whether an XML report will be generated. false
maven.clover.report.swing Yes Decides whether a Swing report will be generated. false
maven.clover.report.pdf Yes Decides whether a PDF report will be generated. false
maven.clover.database Yes Specifies the location of the Clover database. ${maven.clover.build}/database/clover_coverage.db
maven.clover.license.path Yes Location of the Clover license. Users can override this property to point to their own Clover license. By default uses an eval license valid for open source projects. Set it to an empty value if you wish to use Clover's other license loading mechanisms (Clover looks next to clover.jar on the filesystem and in the classpath). ${plugin.resources}/clover.license
maven.clover.execute.during.report Yes Controls whether or not the clover-report goal builds Cloverify the sources and execute the tests. true
maven.clover.includes Yes List of files to include in the Cloverification. **/*.java
maven.clover.excludes Yes List of files to exclude from the Cloverification.
maven.clover.check.target Yes Test coverage % under which the build will fail when clover:check is called. 50%
maven.clover.check.packages Yes Comma-separated list of packages that you wish to check for test coverage % when clover:check is called. N/A
maven.clover.check.targets Yes Comma-separated list of test coverage % that you wish to check for each packages specified by maven.clover.check.packages when clover:check is called. N/A
maven.clover.context.block.names Yes Comma-separated list of Clover-defined block contexts to filter from the Clover coverage report. Example: maven.clover.context.block.names = static, method. N/A
maven.clover.context.method.names Yes Comma-separated list of user-defined method contexts to filter from the Clover coverage report. Example: maven.clover.context.method.names = name1, name2. N/A
maven.clover.context.method.regexps Yes Regexps associated with maven.clover.context.method.names. Example: maven.clover.context.method.regexps = regexp1, regexp2. N/A
maven.clover.context.statement.names Yes Comma-separated list of user-defined statement contexts to filter from the Clover coverage report. Example: maven.clover.context.statement.names = name3, name4. N/A
maven.clover.context.statement.regexps Yes Regexps associated with maven.clover.context.statement.names. Example: maven.clover.context.statement.regexps = regexp3, regexp4. N/A
maven.clover.history.dir Yes Directory where Clover history data are saved. If you wish to save your history point data so that they are not erased, point this directory to a safe place that will not be deleted by a "maven clean". In the future we will try to implement saving the history points in the Maven repositories. ${maven.clover.build}/history
maven.clover.merge.databases Yes List of databases to include in the merge when using the clover:merge goal. **/clover_coverage.db
maven.clover.flushpolicy Yes The flush policy that Clover should use to flush coverage data to its database. threaded
maven.clover.flushinterval Yes When the flush policy is set to interval or threaded this value is the minimum period between flush operations (in milliseconds). 5000
maven.clover.relative Yes Controls whether the initstring parameter is treated as a relative path or not. false
maven.clover.span Yes Specifies how far back in time to include coverage recordings from since the last Clover build. See Using Spans. 0s