Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.


multiprojectExecutes multiproject:site
multiproject:artifact Run 'artifact':'artifact' goal for all projects.
multiproject:deploy Run 'artifact':deploy goal for all projects.
multiproject:deploy-snapshot Run 'artifact':deploy-snapshot goal for all projects.
multiproject:goal Run the comma separated list of goals provided by the variable goal for all projects e.g.
                  maven -Dgoal=java:compile multiproject:goal
                  maven -Dgoal=clean,java:compile,test multiproject:goal
multiproject:install Run 'artifact':install goal for all project.

'artifact' is replaced by the value of property maven.multiproject.type which should be set individualy for each project.

E.g. if we have projects A, B and C with following settiing:
  1. A: maven.multiproject.type=war
  2. B: maven.multiproject.type=ejb
  3. C: maven.multiproject.type=jar

Following goals will be run:
  1. A: war:install
  2. B: ejb:install
  3. C: jar:install
multiproject:install-snapshot Run 'artifact':install-snapshot goal for all projects.

Run the site goal of all projects, generating navigation for projects processed according to the maven.multiproject.navigation property.

If a navigation.xml is found in ${maven.docs.src}/navigation.xml, it will take precedence over the generated multiproject navigation.

multiproject:site-deploy Run multiproject:site and then deploy the site as would normally happend with site:deploy

Run goal clean:clean for all projects