This document gives step-by-step instructions for deploying the main Maven website.

Obsolete this documentation is obsolete: with the migration of site source to Git, Apache CMS is not used any more. It is replaced by Git edit (eventually through GitHub with the "edit" link accessible from breadcrumb) followed by Jenkins job to build and commit to svnpubsub.

See Maven website introduction for instructions on the whole website publication.


Since December 2012, the overall website uses svnpubsub mechanism and the main website uses Apache CMS:

Main website mechanisms overview

How main website publication works

Maven main website ( is generated with maven-site-plugin from a source tree stored in svn:

Edit source content

You can edit source content in 2 ways:

  1. use the CMS UI through your web browser:
    • Go to
    • Click link "Get Maven Working Copy".
    • Navigate to the content you want to modify.
    • Once you have modified the content, commit with the button "Submit".
  2. checkout the source content locally, modify it with your favorite text editor, eventually test the result (mvn site), then check-in source modifications.

After source tree is modified in svn, a Buildbot job is triggered:

  1. it builds the HTML site using maven-site-plugin: mvn site,
  2. it publishes generated HTML content to CMS staging svn area,
  3. svnpubsub mecanism transfers svn CMS staging content to live CMS staging site:,

Publish site content

If everything is good, publish modifications using CMS publish action.

Under the hood:

  1. CMS copies CMS staging svn area content to website production svn area,
  2. svnpubsub mecanism transfers svn production content to live production site:

How Doxia website publication works

Doxia uses the exact same mecanisms: