Maven 2.0.3

2.0.3 Release Notes


  • MNG-1317 - m2.bat doesn't work on Windows 2000
  • MNG-1318 - mvn.bat sets incorrect value to M2_HOME [Windows 2000]
  • MNG-1337 - Interpolation of POM values needs to be improved
  • MNG-1415 - quoted arguments are not being protected
  • MNG-1509 - Profile activation by os doesn't work
  • MNG-1703 - pluginManagementdependencies is not propagated to child POMs
  • MNG-1837 - deploy-file succeeds even when local file not found
  • MNG-1856 - legacy layout tag in a profile does not show up in child pom.
  • MNG-1882 - activeByDefault is ignored in pom.xml
  • MNG-1895 - Dependencies in two paths are not added to resolution when scope needs to be updated in the nearest due to any of nearest parents
  • MNG-1898 - Plugin classpath broken from 2.0 to 2.0.1
  • MNG-1980 - "Duplicate project ID found" message with maven-artifact-ant-2.0.2
  • MNG-1999 - Reporting inheritance does not work properly
  • MNG-2002 - The mvn.bat Script does not return the error-code of Maven
  • MNG-2006 - Module SCM URL is resolved as [...]/parent/module regardless of relativePath
  • MNG-2037 - Strange NPE with profile and injectPlugins
  • MNG-2052 - Transitive system deps are not interpolated correctly thus rendering them invalid
  • MNG-2068 - Multiple inheritance fails to find "grand" parent in ../../pom.xml when the groupIds differ (Test Case Attached)
  • MNG-2078 - Fixup super pom to activate the profile only when -DperformRelease=true.
  • MNG-2083 - Path to missing dependency is not shown nor url to download
  • MNG-2087 - NPE in PluginXdocGenerator
  • MNG-2124 - Incorrect resolution of parent POM properties
  • MNG-2130 - Parent POM not created by reactor if not found in repository
  • MNG-2136 - Active profile in profiles.xml prevents active profile in pom.xml to be triggered automatically


  • MNG-1644 - parent pom = child pom results in stack overflow error
  • MNG-2030 - Make -X show maven version as first thing
  • MNG-2096 - allow configuration with execution in a lifecycle overlay, like a plugin allows


  • MNG-2003 - release and update to wagon-file 1.0-alpha-7
  • MNG-2095 - Add "plugin-metadata-1.0.0.xsd" to


  • MNG-547 - being able to set the head of a page to wathever we want