Maven 2.0.6

2.0.6 Release Notes

The full list of changes can be found in our issue management system, and is reproduced below.

Changes that may affect existing builds

  • MNG-1577 - Maven will now only obey the <dependencyManagement> element in the POM and will align all transitive dependencies to versions specified in the <dependencyManagement>. To detect any problems that you might have you can refer to these upgrade notes for Maven 2.0.6 to prepare for the upgrade.


  • [MNG-1577] - dependencyManagement does not work for transitive dependencies
  • [MNG-2339] - ${project.*} are interpreted in the wrong place
  • [MNG-2362] - Deployed POM is not valid XML
  • [MNG-2433] - Maven looks for snapshots in offline mode
  • [MNG-2648] - Repeated message "[WARNING] Unable to get resource from repository ... "
  • [MNG-2760] - Fix deployment so that assemblies are signed with the GPG plugin
  • [MNG-2793] - Snapshot plugins cannot be resolved correctly with java6
  • [MNG-2812] - Profile with an undefined os family activation should not activate
  • [MNG-2843] - Plugins can't get project properties
  • [MNG-2867] - Guide building maven not up to date
  • [MNG-2877] - unable to resolve attached artifacts from reactor that are not in repo. (patch applied in svn and IT tests added)
  • [MNG-2891] - Fix deployment permissions so by default group write works
  • [MNG-2897] - Make sure that Xpp3Dom is shared from the core to plugins
  • [MNG-2899] - In cases where ${version} is used in depMan we get null versions in attached artifacts
  • [MNG-2900] - Extensions that have no declared dependency on plexus-utils yet need it at runtime will fail.


  • [MNG-2252] - Upgrade to plexus-utils 1.3
  • [MNG-2823] - More control over what WARNING messages are displayed
  • [MNG-2828] - Upgrade the dependency on plexus-utils to a more recent version
  • [MNG-2892] - Use shade to hide the use of plexus-utils internally so that plugins can use their own version


  • [MNG-2776] - Upgrade the dependency on modello-maven-plugin to a more recent version
  • [MNG-2894] - Make sure that if a plugin does not specify the use of plexus-utils that once is fed in to protect against plugins that use plexus-utils but don't declare it.
  • [MNG-2898] - Look at allowing all org.codehaus.plexus.util.xml to show through