Maven 2.0.8

2.0.8 Release Notes

Release Notes - Maven 2 - Version 2.0.8

The full list of changes can be found in our issue management system, and is reproduced below.

Changes that may affect existing builds

  • MNG-3118 - Test-classes should come before classes in the classpath. This may slightly alter behavior of tests. The test-classes directory is now included first in the classpath to allow test resources to override normal runtime ones.


  • [MNG-2025] - POM is still not read using the right encoding
  • [MNG-2045] - Maven can't compile against sibling test-jar dependency in multiproject (Test Attached)
  • [MNG-2061] - DistributionManagement properties don't get copied in cloned executionProject while lifecycle fork
  • [MNG-2254] - the encoding parameter in xml declaration of POM is ignored
  • [MNG-2277] - aggregating plugins in submodules of the reactor return all projects causing a chicken/egg issue
  • [MNG-2593] - Maven 2 stumbels upon non ASCII characters in the value of a localRepository value in the $HOME/.m2/settings.xml
  • [MNG-2685] - mvn.bat detection of 4NT syntax error
  • [MNG-2932] - Encoding chaos
  • [MNG-2961] - DefaultArtifact getBaseVersion is changed to "xxxx-SNAPSHOT" only if you first call isSnapshot()
  • [MNG-3046] - DefaultArtifactVersion compareTo misbehaves regarding buildNumber 0
  • [MNG-3077] - NullPointerException, if MojoExecutionException has no message
  • [MNG-3084] - mvn.bat in maven 2.0.7 does not return the correct error code.
  • [MNG-3095] - maven-plugin-testing-tools causes bad version in deployed artifacts after tests are run
  • [MNG-3134] - DefaultModelInheritence::assembleDistributionInheritence should be childPathAdjustment aware
  • [MNG-3141] - Build not working if pom.xml is a symbolic link
  • [MNG-3215] - Missing rar artifact handler descriptor
  • [MNG-3240] - maven-model RepositoryBase.equals() causes ClassCastException
  • [MNG-3245] - Maven Reporting API is binary incompatible in 2.0.8-SNAPSHOT by r579987
  • [MNG-3254] - artifactId is not appended any more in in multi modules when it's not defined in a child
  • [MNG-3298] - invoker MavenCommandLineBuilder#checkRequiredState() should not throw Exception if envvar M2_HOME exists


  • [MNG-2188] - Report mojos should check canGenerateReport() when called directly
  • [MNG-2290] - Generated URLs in POMs of child modules
  • [MNG-3024] - Missing artifact error text improvement
  • [MNG-3047] - DefaultArtifactVersion compareTo inconsistent with equals
  • [MNG-3062] - Allow access to mojoExecution from within plugin.
  • [MNG-3118] - Test-classes should come before classes in the classpath
  • [MNG-3152] - Change to plugin testing harness to allow the setting of ArtifactRepository on the ArtifactStub
  • [MNG-3201] - org.apache.maven.project.MavenProject needs a toString()

New Feature

  • [MNG-2105] - Enable remote debugging command line option (+ docs)
  • [MNG-2166] - Provide the help listing as default when no arguments are provided


  • [MNG-3088] - update the assembly name


  • [MNG-3207] - Order of repositories for download should be inverted if Archiva is used.