Maven 2.0

2.0 Release Notes

Maven 2.0 is a rewrite of the popular Maven application to achieve a number of new goals, and to provide a stable basis for future development.

This release includes the following new features and changes since Maven 1.0:

  • Significantly faster and smaller than previous releases.
  • Improved dependency management including dependency closures (transitive dependencies), version ranges, automatic build numbering, and automatic updating on a configurable interval.
  • Defined build lifecycle. Any type of project can be built using standard commands such as compile, test and install.
  • Improved reactor operation. Built in support for multiple projects and without the need to perform a full install cycle to compile all projects. Includes support for project aggregation.
  • Improved plugin architecture, with plugins that can be written in Java and scripting languages such as Beanshell.
  • Unified project definition. All information required to build is contained in a single POM, including project information, dependencies and plugin configuration.
  • Improved repository support, including separated snapshot repositories, a new more managable layout and per-project definitions of new repositories.
  • New site management tools that support multiple input and output formats. New input formats include wiki-like APT format, docbook while continuing to support traditional Maven XDoc and FAQ format.
  • Reporting API for producing project information and reports in a standard way.

This release is considered stable with a feature set that encompasses and supersedes Maven 1.0.