Maven 3.0.1

The Apache Maven team would like to announce the release of Maven 3.0.1.

Maven 3.0.1 is available for download.

Maven is a software project management and comprehension tool. Based on the concept of a project object model (POM), Maven can manage a project's build, reporting and documentation from a central place.

Maven 3 aims to ensure backward compatibility with Maven 2, improve usability, increase performance, allow safe embedding, and pave the way to implement many highly demanded features.

The core release is independent of the plugins available. Further releases of plugins will be made separately. See the Plugin List for more information.

We hope you enjoy using Maven! If you have any questions, please consult:

Maven 3.0.1 Release Notes

Maven 3.0.1 is a maintenance release to address various regressions/bugs and to deliver other minor improvements. The new version 3.0.1 is a recommended update for anybody currently using Maven 3.0.

The full list of changes can be found in our issue management system, and is reproduced below.

Known Incompatibilities with Maven 2

Please refer to the following compatibility notes before reporting any issues regarding changed build behavior in Maven 3.x.

Release Notes - Maven - Version 3.0.1 (since 3.0 only)


  • [MNG-4850] - [regression] several elements of server configuration in settings.xml are not honoured
  • [MNG-4858] - NullPointerException if goal name is malformed
  • [MNG-4864] - npe when transferring artifacts
  • [MNG-4866] - DefaultLegacySupport leaks MavenSession instances in some cases
  • [MNG-4867] - incorrect namespace in settings.xml
  • [MNG-4874] - The latestVersion value isn't updated for local installs
  • [MNG-4877] - Regression: Deploy to SCP with privateKey fails - privateKey and passphrase gets lost
  • [MNG-4883] - [regression] Dependency resolution does not fail for artifact with over-constrained version ranges
  • [MNG-4884] - Guice provision errors
  • [MNG-4892] - Use of --log-file doesn't capture all output, e.g. from maven-antrun-plugin
  • [MNG-4895] - Plugins depending on 3rd party JARs that contain the Maven API can't be configured/run due to type incompatibilities
  • [MNG-4900] - "Unresolveable build extension" when using shade plugin and repositories in profile


  • [MNG-4860] - Allow management of project building request kept inside MavenProject instances
  • [MNG-4891] - Improve robustness of snapshot dependency resolution in case a remote repo accidently uses the id "local"
  • [MNG-4896] - Help for -pl option does not include use of comma-sep, also more than one -pl does not work or complain
  • [MNG-4904] - Make MavenExecutionResult.getTopologicallySortedProjects() return empty list instead of null
  • [MNG-4907] - Wrong error message when relativePath wrong
  • [MNG-4909] - Emit warning when dependency with scope import but inproper type is declared
  • [MNG-4910] - Use BeanConfigurator for configuration sub-elements


  • [MNG-4902] - Update default plugin versions
  • [MNG-4903] - Update to Wagon 1.0-beta-7