Package org.apache.maven.plugins.annotations

Enum Summary
InstanciationStrategy Deprecated.
InstantiationStrategy Component instanciation strategy.
LifecyclePhase Lifecycle phases.
ResolutionScope Dependencies resolution scopes available before mojo execution.

Annotation Types Summary
Component Used to configure injection of Plexus components by MavenPluginManager.getConfiguredMojo(...) and special Maven objects as well: mojoExecution org.apache.maven.plugin.MojoExecution project org.apache.maven.project.MavenProject session org.apache.maven.execution.MavenSession settings org.apache.maven.settings.Settings plugin (Maven-3 only)org.apache.maven.plugin.descriptor.PluginDescriptor
Execute Used if your Mojo needs to fork a lifecycle.
Mojo This annotation will mark your class as a Mojo (ie.
Parameter Used to configure your Mojo parameters to be injected by MavenPluginManager.getConfiguredMojo(...).

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