JIRA Report

Type Key Summary By Status Resolution Fix Version
Improvement MJAVADOC-271 Improve robustness regarding sporadic connection timeouts Benjamin Bentmann Closed Fixed 2.7
Bug MJAVADOC-273 NullPointerException when setting detectLinks to true John Casey Closed Fixed 2.7
Bug MJAVADOC-275 Creation of Javadoc attachments fails in multi-module project where modules have never been installed/deployed John Casey Closed Fixed 2.7
Bug MJAVADOC-276 Initial builds of a multi-module project fail John Casey Closed Duplicate 2.7
New Feature MJAVADOC-277 Add Swedish translation Dennis Lundberg Closed Fixed 2.7
New Feature MJAVADOC-280 Allow creation of aggregated javadocs source bundles from project dependencies John Casey Closed Fixed 2.7
Task MJAVADOC-282 Switch to JDK 1.5 binaries John Casey Closed Fixed 2.7