Package org.apache.maven.plugin.eclipse

Class Summary
BuildCommand Represents a buildCommand section in the .project file.
ConfigureWorkspaceMojo Configures The following Eclipse Workspace features: Adds the classpath variable MAVEN_REPO to Eclipse.
EclipseCleanMojo Deletes the .project, .classpath, .wtpmodules files and .settings folder used by Eclipse.
EclipseConfigFile Represents a generic configuration file, with a name and a content.
EclipsePlugin Generates the following eclipse configuration files: .project and .classpath files .setting/org.eclipse.jdt.core.prefs with project specific compiler settings various configuration files for WTP (Web Tools Project), if the parameter wtpversion is set to a valid version (WTP configuration is not generated by default) If this goal is run on a multiproject root, dependencies between modules will be configured as direct project dependencies in Eclipse (unless useProjectReferences is set to false).
EclipseSourceDir Represent an eclipse source dir.
EclipseToMavenMojo Add eclipse artifacts from an eclipse installation to the local repo.
HelpMojo Display help information on maven-eclipse-plugin.
InstallPluginsMojo Install plugins resolved from the Maven repository system into an Eclipse instance.
LinkedResource Represents a LinkedResources section in the .project file.
MyEclipseCleanMojo Deletes configuration files used by MyEclipse
MyEclipsePlugin Generates MyEclipse configuration files
RadCleanMojo Deletes the config files used by Rad-6. the files .j2ee and the file .websettings
RadPlugin Generates the rad-6 configuration files.
RemoveCacheMojo Removes the not-available marker files from the repository.
WorkspaceDependencyResolveMojo For all projects currently part of the workspace, all references to the M2_REPO classpath variable are resolved.

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