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 class AbstractEffectiveMojo
          Base class with common utilities to write effective Pom/settings.
 class ActiveProfilesMojo
          Displays a list of the profiles which are currently active for this build.
 class AllProfilesMojo
          Displays a list of available profiles under the current project.
 class DescribeMojo
          Displays a list of the attributes for a Maven Plugin and/or goals (aka Mojo - Maven plain Old Java Object).
 class EffectivePomMojo
          Displays the effective POM as an XML for this build, with the active profiles factored in.
 class EffectiveSettingsMojo
          Displays the calculated settings as XML for this project, given any profile enhancement and the inheritance of the global settings into the user-level settings.
 class ExpressionsMojo
          Displays the supported Plugin expressions used by Maven.
 class SystemMojo
          Displays a list of the platform details like system properties and environment variables.

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