Class DefaultLifecycleBindingsInjector

  extended by org.apache.maven.model.plugin.DefaultLifecycleBindingsInjector
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class DefaultLifecycleBindingsInjector
extends Object
implements LifecycleBindingsInjector

Handles injection of plugin executions induced by the lifecycle bindings for a packaging.

Benjamin Bentmann

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void injectLifecycleBindings(Model model, ModelBuildingRequest request, ModelProblemCollector problems)
          Injects plugin executions induced by lifecycle bindings into the specified model.
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Constructor Detail


public DefaultLifecycleBindingsInjector()
Method Detail


public void injectLifecycleBindings(Model model,
                                    ModelBuildingRequest request,
                                    ModelProblemCollector problems)
Description copied from interface: LifecycleBindingsInjector
Injects plugin executions induced by lifecycle bindings into the specified model. The model has already undergone injection of plugin management so any plugins that are injected by lifecycle bindings and are not already present in the model's plugin section need to be subjected to the model's plugin management.

Specified by:
injectLifecycleBindings in interface LifecycleBindingsInjector
model - The model into which to inject the default plugin executions for its packaging, must not be null.
request - The model building request that holds further settings, must not be null.
problems - The container used to collect problems that were encountered, must not be null.

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