Uses of Class

Packages that use Profile
org.apache.maven.model Maven POM (Project Object Model) classes, generated from maven.mdo model. 
org.apache.maven.model.merge POM merger. 

Uses of Profile in org.apache.maven.model

Methods in org.apache.maven.model that return Profile
 Profile Profile.clone()
          Method clone.

Methods in org.apache.maven.model that return types with arguments of type Profile
 List<Profile> Model.getProfiles()
          Method getProfiles.

Methods in org.apache.maven.model with parameters of type Profile
 void Model.addProfile(Profile profile)
          Method addProfile.
 void Model.removeProfile(Profile profile)
          Method removeProfile.

Method parameters in org.apache.maven.model with type arguments of type Profile
 void Model.setProfiles(List<Profile> profiles)
          Set a listing of project-local build profiles which will modify the build process when activated.

Uses of Profile in org.apache.maven.model.merge

Methods in org.apache.maven.model.merge with parameters of type Profile
protected  Object ModelMerger.getProfileKey(Profile object)
protected  void ModelMerger.mergeProfile(Profile target, Profile source, boolean sourceDominant, Map<Object,Object> context)

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