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Uses of Log in org.apache.maven.monitor.logging

Classes in org.apache.maven.monitor.logging that implement Log
 class DefaultLog

Uses of Log in org.apache.maven.plugin

Methods in org.apache.maven.plugin that return Log
 Log Mojo.getLog()
          Furnish access to the standard Maven logging mechanism which is managed in this base class.
 Log AbstractMojo.getLog()
          Returns the logger that has been injected into this mojo.

Methods in org.apache.maven.plugin with parameters of type Log
 void Mojo.setLog(Log log)
          Inject a standard Maven logging mechanism to allow this Mojo to communicate events and feedback to the user.
 void AbstractMojo.setLog(Log log)

Uses of Log in org.apache.maven.plugin.logging

Classes in org.apache.maven.plugin.logging that implement Log
 class SystemStreamLog
          Logger with "standard" output and error output stream.

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