Package org.apache.maven.artifact.repository.metadata

Interface Summary
RepositoryMetadata Describes repository directory metadata.

Class Summary
AbstractRepositoryMetadata Shared methods of the repository metadata handling.
ArtifactRepositoryMetadata Metadata for the artifact directory of the repository.
GroupRepositoryMetadata Metadata for the group directory of the repository.
Metadata Class Metadata.
MetadataBridge Warning: This is an internal utility class that is only public for technical reasons, it is not part of the public API.
Plugin Mapping information for a single plugin within this group.
RepositoryMetadataDeploymentException Error while deploying repository metadata.
RepositoryMetadataInstallationException Error while installing repository metadata.
Snapshot Snapshot data for the current version.
SnapshotArtifactRepositoryMetadata Metadata for the artifact version directory of the repository.
SnapshotVersion Versioning information for a snapshot artifact.
Versioning Versioning information for an artifact.

Exception Summary
RepositoryMetadataReadException Problem storing the repository metadata in the local repository.
RepositoryMetadataResolutionException Error while retrieving repository metadata from the repository.
RepositoryMetadataStoreException Problem storing the repository metadata in the local repository.

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