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Packages that use Developer

Uses of Developer in org.apache.maven.model

Methods in org.apache.maven.model that return Developer
 Developer Developer.clone()
          Method clone.

Methods in org.apache.maven.model that return types with arguments of type Developer
 List<Developer> Model.getDevelopers()
          Method getDevelopers.

Methods in org.apache.maven.model with parameters of type Developer
 void Model.addDeveloper(Developer developer)
          Method addDeveloper.
 void Model.removeDeveloper(Developer developer)
          Method removeDeveloper.

Method parameters in org.apache.maven.model with type arguments of type Developer
 void Model.setDevelopers(List<Developer> developers)
          Set describes the committers of a project.

Uses of Developer in org.apache.maven.model.merge

Methods in org.apache.maven.model.merge with parameters of type Developer
protected  Object ModelMerger.getDeveloperKey(Developer object)
protected  void ModelMerger.mergeDeveloper_Id(Developer target, Developer source, boolean sourceDominant, Map<Object,Object> context)
protected  void ModelMerger.mergeDeveloper(Developer target, Developer source, boolean sourceDominant, Map<Object,Object> context)

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