Package org.apache.maven.artifact.resolver

Interface Summary
ArtifactCollector Deprecated.
ResolutionListener Listens to the resolution process and handles events.
ResolutionListenerForDepMgmt Deprecated.

Class Summary
ArtifactResolutionRequest A resolution request allows you to either use an existing MavenProject, or a coordinate (gid:aid:version) to process a POMs dependencies.
ArtifactResolutionResult Specific problems during resolution that we want to account for:

- missing metadata - version range violations - version circular dependencies - missing artifacts - network/transfer errors - file system errors: permissions

DebugResolutionListener Send resolution events to the debug log.
DefaultArtifactCollector Deprecated.
UnresolvedArtifacts A simple recording of the Artifacts that could not be resolved for a given resolution request, along with the remote repositories where attempts were made to resolve the artifacts.
WarningResolutionListener Send resolution warning events to the warning log.

Exception Summary
AbstractArtifactResolutionException Base class for artifact resolution exceptions.
CyclicDependencyException Indiciates a cycle in the dependency graph.
MultipleArtifactsNotFoundException Exception caused when one or more artifacts can not be resolved because they are not found in the local or remote repositories.

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