Package org.apache.maven.repository.metadata

Interface Summary
ClasspathTransformation Helper class to conver an Md Graph into some form of a classpath
GraphConflictResolutionPolicy MetadataGraph edge selection policy.
GraphConflictResolver Resolves conflicts in the supplied dependency graph.
MetadataSource Provides some metadata operations, like querying the remote repository for a list of versions available for an artifact.

Class Summary
ArtifactMetadata Artifact Metadata that is resolved independent of Artifact itself.
ClasspathContainer classpath container that is aware of the classpath scope
DefaultClasspathTransformation default implementation of the metadata classpath transformer
DefaultGraphConflictResolver Default conflict resolver.Implements closer newer first policy by default, but could be configured via plexus
MetadataGraph maven dependency metadata graph
MetadataGraphEdge metadata graph edge - combination of version, scope and depth define an edge in the graph
MetadataGraphVertex metadata graph vertice - just a wrapper around artifact's metadata
MetadataResolutionResult This object is tinted with ClasspathTransformation and GraphConflictResolver.
MetadataTreeNode metadata [dirty] Tree

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
MetadataRetrievalException Error while retrieving repository metadata from the repository.

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