Package org.apache.maven.reporting.exec

Interface Summary

Class Summary
DefaultMavenReportExecutor This component will build some MavenReportExecution from MavenReportExecutorRequest.
MavenReportExecution Since maven 3 reporting plugin MavenReport are not anymore injected by maven core This class will store all necessary information for MavenReport execution : a build MavenReport The associated ClassLoader for the Report Mojo execution The Plugin associated to the MavenReport With this it's possible to execute the MavenReport generate with settings the current Thread classLoader first with MavenReportExecution.classLoader This beans will be build by MavenReportExecutor.
MavenReportExecutorRequest Bean which contains necessay informations for build MavenReportExecution with MavenReportExecutor.
ReportPlugin Represents a reporting plugin and its executions.
ReportSet Represents a set of reports and configuration to be used to generate them.

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