Available Skins

The following table lists skins that are available for you to use in your Maven generated site.

Skin Version Site Plugin Version Description
Maven Default Skin 1.2 [3.5,) You get this skin if you don't specify any skin.
Maven Fluido Skin 1.6 [3.5,) Skin based on Bootstrap CSS.

To use one of these skins in your project, you use the skin element of the site descriptor. This is a regular artifact or dependency-like element. For example, to use the Maven Fluido Skin, you would include the this in your site.xml file:



Skin Version Site Plugin Version Retired Date Description
Maven Application Skin 1.0 (,3.4] 2015-12-28 A skin used by applications like Continuum.
Maven Classic Skin 1.1 (,3.4] 2015-12-28 This skin resembles the look of a site generated by Maven 1.
Maven Stylus Skin 1.5 (,3.4] 2015-12-28 The skin used for the website of Maven itself.