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Package org.apache.maven.project

Removed Classes
ArtifactType Provides mapping between artifact types and an extension associated with these types.
BaseObject @author Jason van Zyl
Branch @author Emmanuel Venisse
Build @author Jason van Zyl
Contributor A Contributor to a project is an individual that has contributed in some way to the project but is not a Contributor.
Dependency @author Jason van Zyl
Developer A Developer is in Jakarta terms a committer on a project.
Jar A Jar as specified in the project descriptor
License A License as specified in the project descriptor
MailingList @author Jason van Zyl
Organization @author Jason van Zyl
PackageGroup A PackageGroup is a group of packages with a title which is used to document the packages inside a project when creating the javadoc.
Plugin A Plugin is essentially a Project but in the context of POM we only need the basic id verions and properties so extending BaseObject will suffice.
Repository NOTE: This is very CVS specific but I would like to try additional SCM package like subversion ASAP.
Resource Represents a set of files in a single directory.
SourceModification A source modification is made when a given class or property is present during a build.
UnitTest Collects unit-test include and exclude patterns and resources.
Version @author Jason van Zyl

Changed Classes
Project @author Jason van Zyl