Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Abbot plugin properties

# -------------------------------------------------------------------
# Properties required for all the abbot plugin goals 
# -------------------------------------------------------------------

# Location of abbot source scripts
maven.abbot.src.dir = ${maven.src.dir}/abbot

# (optional) Explicit comma-separated list of Abbot source scripts
# to execute. If not defined, the plugin will execute all .xml files
# located in maven.abbot.src.dir
# maven.abbot.src.files = 

# Decide whether or not to recurse in maven.abbot.src.dir to find 
# Abbot .xml source scripts.
maven.abbot.recurse = true

# Location where the abbot plugin puts build files related to abbot
maven.abbot.dest.dir = ${maven.build.dir}/abbot

# Location where the abbot plugin signs the jars to be added to the 
# generated JNLP file.
maven.abbot.dest.jar.dir = ${maven.abbot.dest.dir}/jars

# Location where abbot junit test results will be located
maven.abbot.reports.dir = ${maven.build.dir}/abbot-reports

maven.abbot.printSummary = ${maven.junit.printSummary}
maven.abbot.dir = ${maven.junit.dir}
maven.abbot.sysproperties = ${maven.junit.sysproperties}
maven.abbot.jvmargs = ${maven.junit.jvmargs}
maven.abbot.format = ${maven.junit.format}
maven.abbot.usefile = ${maven.junit.usefile}

# (optional) Name of the test suite beeing executed. This name will be used 
# to name the generated JUnit test report. If not specified the report name
# will be TEST-org.apache.maven.abbot.AbbotTestAll. This is useful when 
# you're calling the Abbot plugin several times in a row as otherwise the 
# reports will overwrite each other.
#maven.abbot.suite.name = MyTestSuite

# Decide whether to turn on webstart debugging.
maven.abbot.debug = false

# -------------------------------------------------------------------
# Properties required only for the abbot:test goal
# -------------------------------------------------------------------

# Name of the JUnit test to execute that will trigger the execution
# of the Abbot scripts. This name should not be changed unless you
# want to provide your own Abbot script wrapper.
maven.abbot.include = org.apache.maven.abbot.AbbotTestAll

# -------------------------------------------------------------------
# Properties required only for the abbot:test-webstart goal
# -------------------------------------------------------------------

# The following properties are mandatories. They depend on your
# execution environment and must be set in your build.properties file
# or equivalent:
# - maven.abbot.remotejnlp: This property points to the JNLP file of 
#   the application you're testing.
# - maven.abbot.javaws.systemhome: Java webstart system cache location
# - maven.abbot.javaws.userhome:  Java webstart user cache location

# Location of webstart executable. Override if your install does not match 
# this default location
maven.abbot.webstart.home = ${java.home}/javaws

# TODO: Remove these 4 properties as I don't see any use case associated with them
maven.abbot.webstart.jnlp.original = original.jnlp
maven.abbot.webstart.jnlp.modified = modified.jnlp
maven.abbot.webstart.main.jar = abbot-main.jar
maven.abbot.webstart.main.class = org.apache.maven.abbot.AbbotWebstartTestRunner

# Note: For now we only support signing jars. The reason is that we need
# to add the Abbot jars to the JNLP file and as we're taking these jars 
# from the local file system we need to have the permissions and thus we 
# need signed jars to get these permissions.
maven.abbot.sign = true

# Extra list of jars (separated by commas) to be added to the generated JNLP 
# and to the executing CP for the editor goal. This is useful for example when 
# creating custom Abbot testers that need to be included in the executing CP.
#maven.abbot.extrajars =