Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Maven AspectJ Plugin Settings

Property name Optional? Description
maven.aspectj.argfiles Yes List of argument files separated by commas. An argument file contains a list of arguments read by the compiler. Each line is read into one element of the argument array and may include another argfile by reference. If specified, maven.aspectj.weaveAspectSources is set to a default false value.
maven.aspectj.weaveAspectSources Yes If true weave aspect sources in pom.build.aspectSourceDirectory. Default true, false if maven.aspectj.argfiles is specified.
maven.aspectj.src.argfilesOnly Yes If true, only sources that are defined in argument files will be weaved. By default, weave sources from argument files and from build- or test sources path.
maven.aspectj.dest Yes The directory for compiled classes. Defaults to maven.build.dest.
maven.aspectj.sourceRootCopyFilter Yes List of resource files to exclude when copying resources from the input jar to the weaved output jar.

Default **/CVS/*,**/*.java,**/*.aj
maven.aspectj.emacssym Yes If true, emit .ajesym symbol files for Emacs support.

Default no
maven.aspectj.debug Yes If true, run in debug mode.

Default false
maven.aspectj.verbose Yes If true, emit compiler status messages during the compile.

Default false
maven.aspectj.incremental Yes Incremental mode: Build once, then recompile only required source files when user provides input.

Default false
maven.aspectj.fork Yes Run process in another VM. This gets the forking classpath either explicitly from a forkclasspath entry or by searching the task or system/Ant classpath for the first readable file with a name of the form aspectj{-}tools{.*}.jar. When forking you can specify the amount of memory used with maxmem. Fork cannot be used in incremental mode, unless using a tag file.

Default false
maven.aspectj.maxmem Yes The maximum memory to use for the new VM when fork is true. Values should have the same form as accepted by the VM, e.g., "128m". Default 128m
maven.aspectj.source Yes The J2SE source compliance level. Valid values are [1.3 1.4]. Defaults to 1.3.
maven.aspectj.time Yes If true, display speed information during weaving. Defaults to false.
maven.aspectj.noweave Yes If true, produce binaries that can only be used as input for the -injars or -inpath option. Defaults to false. Note: this option has been deprecated in AspectJ 5.
maven.aspectj.lint Yes Level of language usage messages. Possible values are error, warning and ignore. Defaults to warning.
maven.aspectj.messageHolder Yes Specify a class to use as the message holder for the compile process. The entry must be a fully-qualified name of a class complying with the org.aspectj.bridge.IMessageHolder interface and having a public no-argument constructor.
maven.aspectj.failonerror Yes If true, throw BuildException to halt build if there are any compiler errors. If false, continue notwithstanding compile errors. Defaults to true.