Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Plugins list

The following Maven plugins are available as part of the Maven Project. Please refer also to the list of available Third Party Plugins and the Sandbox.

Maven Announcement Plugin Produce release announcement
Maven Ant Plugin Generate Ant build file
Maven Antlr Plugin Process Antlr grammars
Maven Artifact Plugin Tools to manage artifacts and deployment
Maven AspectJ Plugin AspectJ Plugin for Maven
Maven Changelog Plugin Produce SCM changelog reports.
Maven Changes Plugin Produce changes report
Maven Checkstyle Plugin Produce Checkstyle report
Maven Clean Plugin Clean plugin for Maven
Maven Clover Plugin Produce Clover reports
Maven Console Plugin Console for Maven
Maven Cruise Control Plugin Cruise Control Plugin for Maven
Maven Dashboard Plugin Generate a statistic dashboard
Maven Developer Activity Plugin Developer Activity report
Maven Distribution Plugin Create source and binary distributions
Maven EAR Plugin Ear Plugin for Maven
Maven Eclipse Plugin Eclipse Plugin for Maven
Maven EJB Plugin EJB Plugin for Maven
Maven FAQ Plugin FAQ Plugin
Maven File Activity Plugin File activity Report
Maven Genapp Plugin A collection of example projects
Maven Gump Plugin produce Gump descriptor
Maven Html2XDoc Plugin HTML to xdoc transformer
Maven IDEA Plugin IDEA Plugin for Maven
Maven Jalopy Plugin Reformat java source
Maven Jar Plugin Create jar files
Maven Java Plugin Compile java code
Maven Javacc Plugin Process javacc/jtree grammars
Maven Javadoc Plugin Produce Javadocs and report
Maven JDepend Plugin JDepend generates design quality metrics.
Maven JDiff Plugin JDiff - Report the differences in the public API of two releases
Maven JellyDoc Plugin Javadoc stuff for Jelly tags
Maven JIRA Plugin Download issues from Jira
Maven JUnit Report Plugin Reports from JUnit tests
Maven JXR Plugin Create cross reference
Maven License Plugin Create xml version of license
Maven LinkCheck Plugin Check xdoc links
Maven Modello Plugin Wrapper for Modello, a Data Model toolkit.
Maven MultiChanges Plugin Produce release dashboard for subprojects.
Maven Multi-Project Plugin Multi-Project Plugin for Maven
Maven Native Plugin Native plugin
Maven NSIS Plugin NSIS Plugin for Maven
Maven PDF Plugin Generator of project documentation in PDF Format.
Maven Plugin Plugin Maven Plugin plugin
Maven PMD Plugin Maven Plugin for PMD
Maven POM Plugin Check Project Object Model
Maven RAR Plugin Rar Plugin for Maven
Maven Source Control Management Plugin SCM Plugin for Maven.
Maven Simian Plugin Simian Plugin for Maven
Maven Site Plugin Generate web site
Maven Source Plugin Create Java source archive
Maven Tasklist Plugin Create xdoc from @TODO tags
Maven Test Plugin Run JUnit tests
Maven WAR Plugin War Plugin for Maven
Maven XDoc Plugin Convert xdocs into HTML