Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Jira Report

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Type Key Summary Assignee Reporter Priority Status Created Updated Votes
Bug MPCASTOR-12 Missing serialversionUID in serializable classes Unassigned Michele La Porta Major Open Open 27 Apr 2006 27 Apr 2006 0
New Feature MPCASTOR-10 Pass "generateImportedSchemas" argument to source generator Unassigned bobby rullo Major Open Open 7 Dec 2005 7 Dec 2005 0
New Feature MPCASTOR-9 Add support for the 'nodesc' option Unassigned johnstok Major Open Open 22 Sep 2005 22 Sep 2005 0
Bug MPCASTOR-7 Could not find org.exolab.castor.builder.SourceGenerator Unassigned Graham Leggett Major Open Open 21 Feb 2005 24 Jan 2006 1
Improvement MPCASTOR-6 Add binding file option to source generation Unassigned Brent Worden Major Open Open 20 Aug 2004 20 Aug 2004 0
Improvement MPCASTOR-4 Remove use of pom.getPluginContext and replace with maven:set/get Unassigned dion gillard Major Open Open 9 Jul 2004 9 Jul 2004 0
Bug MPCASTOR-11 automated builds hang when castor warnings are on Unassigned jake pezaro Minor Open Open 27 Mar 2006 27 Mar 2006 0
Improvement MPCASTOR-8 Upgrade the dependancy to Castor 0.9.6 Unassigned Guillaume Laforge Minor Open Open 14 Apr 2005 24 Jan 2006 0
Bug MPCASTOR-3 "castor:generate" not working when using J2SDK >= 1.4 Unassigned David Thexton Minor Open Open 23 Apr 2004 23 Apr 2004 2
New Feature MPCASTOR-1 Castor report generation Unassigned Xavier RODRIGUEZ Minor Open Open 10 Nov 2003 30 Nov 2003 0