Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Release History

1.11.2 2007-03-28
1.11.1 2006-10-29
1.11 2006-02-05
1.10 2005-08-07
1.9.1 2005-05-28
1.9 2005-05-22
1.8 2005-03-04
1.7 2005-02-14
1.6 2004-09-30
1.5 2004-05-15
1.4 2003-12-05
1.3 2003-11-28
1.2 unknown
1.1 unknown
1.0 unknown

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Release 1.11.2 - 2007-03-28

update Use new clover license. Fixes MPCLOVER-58. vmassol

Release 1.11.1 - 2006-10-29

update Upgrade to Clover 1.3.13. Fixes MPCLOVER-56. vmassol
fix clover:merge should use maven.multiproject.basedir . Fixes MPCLOVER-57. ltheussl

Release 1.11 - 2006-02-05

add Add support for span attribute. Fixes MPCLOVER-50. ltheussl
add Allow to specify the "relative" property for clover-setup. Fixes MPCLOVER-45. ltheussl
update Upgrade to Clover 1.3.11. Fixes MPCLOVER-52. ltheussl
update Use new clover license. Fixes MPCLOVER-53. vmassol
fix Allow override of flushpolicy, flushinterval in < clover-setup > , change default values. Fixes MPCLOVER-48. Thanks to Brendan Humphreys. vmassol

Release 1.10 - 2005-08-07

update Upgrade to Clover 1.3.9. Fixes MPCLOVER-46. vmassol
fix The ant:clover-check Ant task requires initString parameter. Fixes MPCLOVER-44. carlos
fix When calling clover:on a second time, an updated maven.compile.src.set was ignored. Fixes MPCLOVER-30. Thanks to Eric Lapierre. vmassol

Release 1.9.1 - 2005-05-28

fix Fixed the clover:test-single goal which was wrongly calling the clover:swing-report-internal (should have been clover:swing-report ). Fixes MPCLOVER-40. Thanks to Kristopher Brown. vmassol
fix Fixed bug when maven.test.failure.ignore is null . Fixes MPCLOVER-38. carlos

Release 1.9 - 2005-05-22

fix maven.test.failure.ignore is now correctly reset when clover:off is called. Fixes MPCLOVER-37. Thanks to Carlos Sanchez. vmassol
fix Fully disable Clover in clover:off so that the Clover compiler adapter delegates straight to the default compiler. Fixes MPCLOVER-32. vmassol
remove Removed the maven.clover.jar property that was used to override the default Clover jar. This property was not working (it requires Ant 1.6) and is no needed anymore as Cenqua has cleanly separated the Clover ja r from the Clover license. You only need to point maven.clover.license.path to your license file. vmassol
add Added a quick usage guide in the documentation. vmassol
fix Fixed issue where clover:report was not calling clover:on leading to an error when generating the reports. vmassol
update Ensure that clover:init , clover:on and clover:off can only be called once. For example calling clover:on twice in a row will execute it only once. vmassol
update The clover:*-report goals do not call clover:test anymore. They only generates Clover reports. This is now aligned with the clover:report behavior. To run the full thing, execute the clover goal or add the Clover report to your project's POM. vmassol
add Added a maven.clover.multiproject property that should be set to true in your master project (if you're using a multiproject setup). Setting it to true will make the clover goal and the maven-clover-plugin report in your POM execute on all subprojects (they'll call the new clover:multiproject goal). vmassol
add New clover:multiproject goal to run Clover on a multiproject setup. vmassol
add New clover:merge goal that creates a new Clover database by merging several other databases specified using the maven.clover.merge.databases property (which defaults to **/clover_coverage.db ). vmassol
fix Fixed issue with Clover task and type definitions not using an explicit classpath which apparently breaks under Maven 1.1. vmassol
update Always generate Clover reports even when there is no coverage data. One of the reason is that Clover generates metrics other than coverage percentage, like LOC and NCLOC which are useful in themselves. Fixes MPCLOVER-35. vmassol
update Upgraded to Clover 1.3.6 Fixes MPCLOVER-36. vmassol
add Added PDF report generation. Fixes MPCLOVER-31. Thanks to Olivier Jacob. vmassol

Release 1.8 - 2005-03-04

add Added support for historical reports by adding a new clover:save-history goal that saves a Clover history point. The history points are then used by clover:report to generate history reports (including a link on the Maven-generated website). vmassol
update Updated to Clover 1.3.5 and applied new license that supports generating history report (the previous one didn't support it). vmassol
add Add support for method, statement and block context filtering through the following properties: maven.clover.context.block.names , maven.clover.context.method.names , maven.clover.context.method.regexps , maven.clover.context.statement.names and maven.clover.context.statement.regexps . vmassol
add Added new clover:check goal that verifies if the test coverage if above a threshold defined by the properties maven.clover.check.target , maven.clover.check.packages and maven.clover.check.targets . It fails the build if it's below. vmassol
update Changed the location of the default license. It is now bundled in the plugin and the plugin no longer downloads it from your remote repository. As before if you wish to use your own license use the maven.clover.license.path property. vmassol

Release 1.7 - 2005-02-14

fix Do not create a Clover report link when the project has no tests. Fixes MPCLOVER-21. vmassol
update Open Clover report page in a new window in the same manner as it's done for the Javadoc and XRef reports. Fixes MPCLOVER-22. Thanks to Maarten Coene. vmassol
add Added maven.clover.includes and maven.clover.excludes properties to specify what files to include/exclude from the Cloverification. Fixes MPCLOVER-25. Thanks to Michael Gaffney. vmassol
update Added new maven.clover.execute.during.report property to control whether or not the clover-report goal builds Cloverify the sources and execute the tests (defaults to true). Fixes MPCLOVER-18. vmassol
update Deprecated maven.clover.database.dir property and replaced it with a maven.cover.database property that contains not only the database directory but also the name of the database file. Fixes MPCLOVER-24. vmassol
fix clover:off should now reset correctly the maven.build.dest property that clover:on modifies. Note that the reported error has been fixed even though I have not been able to reproduce the problem (and hence we don't have a test for it). Fixes MPCLOVER-28. vmassol
update Upgraded Clover to version 1.3.4. Fixes MPCLOVER-26. vmassol

Release 1.6 - 2004-09-30

fix The default compiler was not reset after the execution of the clover:report goal. Fixes MPCLOVER-23. vmassol
add Added ability for users to specify their own Clover license file by overriding the new maven.clover.license.path property. vmassol
update Made the following goals public by documenting them: clover:report , clover:on , clover:off , clover:test , clover:test-single . vmassol
add Added new clover:test-single goal to execute a single test case and to view the test coverage result directly using the Clover Swing viewer. This is useful if you wish to quickly see the action that a single unit test has on the code it tests. Fixes MPCLOVER-9. vmassol
fix Now using maven:get and maven:set . Fixes MPCLOVER-19. vmassol
update The clover:report goal does not call the tests anymore. It only generates Clover reports. vmassol
fix When executing clover:on and clover:off , modify the maven.build.dest property value in the Root context of all plugins so that the value change is available in all Maven plugins. vmassol
fix Prevented the clover:on goal from failing when there are no unit tests sources available. vmassol
update Updated to Clover Ant 1.3_01. vmassol

Release 1.5 - 2004-05-15

fix Do not exe cute Clover if there are no tests to run Clover on. This prevents an error happening in the clover:on goal. vmassol
update Allow generating XML and/or Swing reports during the web site generation too. vmassol
fix Tests executed after < clover:on are now always forked. Fixes MPCLOVER-13. vmassol

Release 1.4 - 2003-12-05

add Allows the user to override the Clover jar. This is especially useful as the Clover jars are license-signed for a specific project so you might want to use different jars for different projects. Fixes MPCLOVER-11. vmassol
add Conditionally instrument test classes too. To instrument test classes set the maven.clover.instrument.tests to true . Fixes MPCLOVER-12. vmassol
update Make sure that the clover plugin restore other plugin's properties it has modified. vmassol
remove Removed public clover:on goal as it should not have been public. vmassol

Release 1.3 - 2003-11-28

add Added unit tests for the plugin and reworked the documentation. vmassol
update Upgraded to Clover 1.2.3. vmassol
fix Prevent the plugin from failing if the project on which it is run has no java sources/test sources. vmassol
update Added optional properties to decide what reports to generate. Added a clover:report goal which generates all the defined reports. The default is to generate only the HTML report. vmassol

Release 1.2 - unknown

fix Allows a new property to be used to specify the sort order of the HTML clover report. Fixes MPCLOVER-1. dion
update Update to use maven.docs.*/maven.gen.docs dion
fix I register reports only if source, test,... exists. So, corresponding entrys in menu will appear only if reports are registered. Fixes MPCHANGELOG-9. evenisse
update Upgrade to Clover 1.2 bwalding
update Make sure that test failures or errors do not stop the generation of the Clover reports. vmassol

Release 1.1 - unknown

update The Clover plugin now depends on version 1.0 of the Clover jar. vmassol
add A special 30-days redistributable clover 1.0 jar (fully functional) has been uploaded to Maven remote repository, making this plugin transparent to use. vmassol
add Creation of this changes page. vmassol

Release 1.0 - unknown

add These changes did not exist at that time. Please refer to CVS for history changes before version 1.1. vmassol