Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Release History

1.9 2006-02-05
1.8 2005-05-19
1.7 2005-03-05
1.6 2004-11-26
1.5 2004-10-15
1.4 2004-08-15
1.3 2004-05-15
1.2 2003-12-04
1.1 2003-11-20
1.0 2003-11-10

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Release 1.9 - 2006-02-05

add Allow sorting of dashboard items (requires Maven 1.1). Fixes MPDASHBOARD-28. ltheussl
add Add message on status of finding dashboard-single.xml. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-30. Thanks to Jeff Jensen. ltheussl
fix Fix count of changelog-entries with maven-changelog-plugin-1.9. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-35. Thanks to Christoph Jerolimov. ltheussl
add Add new aggregators jiraopen and jirascheduled . ltheussl
fix Incorrect links with multiproject independent navigation. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-24. Thanks to Wim Deblauwe. ltheussl
fix maven.dashboard.report.showempty property not honored. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-32. Thanks to Wim Deblauwe. ltheussl
fix Cobertura aggregator doesn't support offline mode. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-34. Thanks to Philippe Kernevez. aheritier
update Update the default checksty le report location to make it compatible with Checkstyle plugin 3.0+ (MPCHECKSTYLE-40). Fixes MPDASHBOARD-33. Thanks to carlos@apache.org. aheritier
add Added Cobertura aggregator. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-31. carlos
fix Properties maven.dashboard.basedir , maven.dashboard.includes , maven.dashboard.excludes and maven.dashboard.ignoreFailures were ignored and were always defaulting to their multiproject plugin counterpart. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-27. vmassol
fix The JUnit pass rate aggregator was no longer showing values in the dashboard. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-26. Thanks to Wim Deblauwe. vmassol

Release 1.8 - 2005-05-19

add Added aggregator totals to the HTML report. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-22. Thanks to Morten Kristiansen. vmassol
update Default values for maven.dashboard.basedir , maven.dashboard.includes , maven.dashboard.excludes and maven.dashboard.ignoreFailures are copied from the equivalent Multiproject properties. This should reduce the number of properties you have to set to get going as you need now only set the Multiproject properties. vmassol
fix Prevent failure in junitpassrate.jelly due to a division by zero when there is a unit test source directory defined but no tests are executed. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-17. Thanks to Philippe Kernevez. vmassol

Release 1.7 - 2005-03-05

add Added links to reports for all aggregators. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-9. Thanks to Philippe Kernevez. vmassol
add Added aggregators for JavaNCSS. Thanks to Siegfried Goeschl. vmassol
add Added technical background information on the website. Thanks to Siegfried Goeschl. vmassol
update Updated the FAQ with an entry for solving the issue when the Clover aggregators report no data. Thanks to Siegfried Goeschl. vmassol
update Added a FAQ on the website. vmassol

Release 1.6 - 2004-11-26

add Added Maven Change Log aggregators. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-16. pkernevez
add Added Maven Tasks List aggregators. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-16. pkernevez
fix Added Findbugs aggregators which were supposed to have been committed in the previous version but which somehow were not... Fixes MPDASHBOARD-16. vmassol

Release 1.5 - 2004-10-15

add Added dashboard report example to the Dashboard plugin web site. vmassol
add Added new fbfiles aggregator that computes FindBugs total number of files with violations. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-13. Thanks to Nascif Abousalh-Neto. vmassol
add Added new fbviolations aggregator that computes FindBugs total number of violations. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-13. Thanks to Nascif Abousalh-Neto. vmassol
add Added percentage bar graphs to the report. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-3. Thanks to Nascif Abousalh-Neto. vmassol
add Added new jcoverageloc aggregator that computes JCoverage total lines of code. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-12. Thanks to Thomas Recloux. vmassol
add Added new jcoveragelipc aggregator that computes JCoverage lines percentage. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-11. Thanks to Thomas Recloux. vmassol

Release 1.4 - 2004-08-15

fix Fixed documentation regarding the maven.dashboard.rungoals property. Fixes MPDASHBOARD-8. Thanks to Carlos Sanchez. vmassol
add Added new Checkstyle File aggregator and PMD aggregators (count of violations and count of files with violations). Fixes MPDASHBOARD-7. Thanks to Paul Spencer. vmassol

Release 1.3 - 2004-05-15

update Better error reporting when a wrong aggregator name is used. vmassol
add Added Simian Total Duplicate Lines aggregator. vmassol
update Updated plugin tests to verify we can generate the dashboard report by using the multiproject:site goal. Also updated documentation accordingly. vmassol
update Removed explicit dependencies on maven-clover-plugin and maven-junit-report-plugin . The reason I've removed the dependencies is that people will want to use different versions of these plugins. I would have liked to say in the dependencies that we need versions greater than 1.4 for each plugin but that's not currently possible. vmassol
fix Prevent the plugin from failing if one dashboard-single.xml fails to be generated. Thanks to Dominique Collette. vmassol
update Changed junit-report-1.4-SNAPSHOT to 1.4 release. dion
update Added explicit dependencies on other Maven plugins. vmassol

Release 1.2 - 2003-12-04

add Added column legends to the dashboard report. vmassol
add Added JUnit aggregators. Thanks to John D Taylor. vmassol
add Added tutorial on how to create custom aggregators. vmassol
add Added new maven.dashboard.report.showempty property. If set to false, the HTML report table will not contain entries for projects for which no aggregator data was retrieved. vmassol

Release 1.1 - 2003-11-20

update Ensure that the Clover plugin will generate the XML report (and only the XML report) when the Dashboard plugin is run. The Clover XML report is required by the Clover aggregators as they extract information from it. vmassol
fix Do not exclude project.xml in the default maven.dashboard.excludes list as it is already excluded by the default maven.dashboard.includes list. vmassol

Release 1.0 - 2003-11-10

add Initial creation. See the feature list on the Dashboard web site for a full list of what the plugin does. vmassol