Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Release History

2.0.1 2005-06-01
2.0 2005-01-08
1.4 2004-07-10
1.3 2004-05-15
1.2 2003-09-29
1.1 Unknown

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Release 2.0.1 - 2005-06-01

add Add maven.gump.svn.dir property for setting the subdirectory under the svn repository brett
add Add the ability to specify the "runtime" attribute of a dependency using the gump.runtime property brett
update Pass ids to depends element also brett
update Change nag to use ${pom.name} instead of ${pom.artifactId} brett
add Add ASL 2.0 to the generated descriptor brett

Release 2.0 - 2005-01-08

add Add maven.gump.module.name property for overriding the module name brett
add Add junitreport element to the descriptor brett
add Add multiproject module for generating a single module with several projects within the one descriptor. brett
fix Set maven.final.name as a property for the < maven element, instead of final.name brett
fix Set < home to ${bas edir} instead of ${maven.build.dir}, and set jar path relative to that brett
add Add nag element at module level Fixes MPGUMP-3. brett
update Stop mapping Maven names to gump names inside the plugin, but allow the project to do this for itself Fixes MPGUMP-2. brett
add Handle subversion as an SCM type brett

Release 1.4 - 2004-07-10

add Allow creation of < maven descriptor element, and default to it Fixes MPGUMP-1. brett
add Add maven.gump.ant.target and maven.gump.maven.goal properties brett

Release 1.3 - 2004-05-15


Release 1.2 - 2003-09-29

fix gump.xml generated into basedir dion
update Added test project dion

Release 1.1 - Unknown

add Added more documentation dion
fix Worked with Stefan Bodewig to get the generated descriptor usable straight from CVS dion