Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Release History

1.7 2007-04-30
1.6 2005-06-15
1.5 2004-06-25
1.4 2004-05-15
1.3 2004-03-10

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Release 1.7 - 2007-04-30

add Autodetect which version control system to use Fixes MPIDEA-43. dennisl

Release 1.6 - 2005-06-15

update Use relative paths for projects and modules for projects easier to check into SCM Fixes MPIDEA-25. brett
update Make projects within the reactor set IDEA module dependencies, but keep all others as JAR dependencies Fixes MPIDEA-7. Thanks to David Jencks. brett
add Add a property for specifying generated source directories to include in the module Fixes MPIDEA-10. Thanks to David Jencks. brett
update Set source level properties based on the compile source level Fixes MPIDEA-19. brett
add Add maven.idea.jdk property so that the JDK can be explicitly specifi ed if it does not use the IDEA default Fixes MPIDEA-19. Thanks to Jose Peleteiro. brett
update Deployment descriptor for ejb.jar hard-coded Fixes MPIDEA-9. Thanks to Eirik Bjorsnos. brett
fix v4/module.jelly generates incorrect references to $MODULE_DIR$ Fixes MPIDEA-15. Thanks to Geoffrey De Smet. brett
add Generate a module for the multiproject itself Fixes MPIDEA-28. Thanks to Geoffrey De Smet. brett
update idea:multiproject without idea:workspace so a local workspaces aren't lost Fixes MPIDEA-26. Thanks to Geoffrey De Smet. brett
add include maven project resources in module library Fixes MPIDEA-11. Thanks to Geoffrey De Smet. brett
update Add depencies on ejb or war modules Fixes MPIDEA-27. Thanks to Geoffrey De Smet. brett
update exclude build output directory in module Fixes MPIDEA-12. Thanks to Matthew McGowan. brett
fix set module to JAVA_MODULE for compatibility with both 4.5 and Irida. Fixes MPIDEA-17. brett
add Add output path for libraries in web modules Fixes MPIDEA-18. Thanks to Johann Reyes. brett

Release 1.5 - 2004-06-25

add match module type to artifact type Fixes MPIDEA-5. brett

Release 1.4 - 2004-05-15

update Default to project version 4. brett
fix Use a multiproject dependency handle so that you can use multiproject properties in idea:multiproject. Fixes MPIDEA-4. brett

Release 1.3 - 2004-03-10

add Added idea:multiproject goal. Other goals were decomposed. michal