Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Jira Report

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Type Key Summary Assignee Reporter Priority Status Created Updated Votes
Bug MPJAR-44 linefeeds in pom fields result in corrupt jar manifest Unassigned Brett Porter Major Open Open 3 Mar 2005 13 Apr 2006 0
Bug MPJAR-43 incorrect artifact relative path for inherited subproject pom Unassigned gax Major Open Open 4 Feb 2005 4 Jun 2005 0
Bug MPJAR-37 maven.jar.manifest.classpath.add should work like ejb plugin Unassigned Dan Greening Major Open Open 10 Aug 2004 30 May 2006 2
Improvement MPJAR-33 jar:install copies jar even when no changes have occurred Unassigned Colin Saxton Major Open Open 13 Jul 2004 30 May 2006 1
New Feature MPJAR-27 Send e-mail after successfully deploying jars and jar snapshots Unassigned Boris Boehlen Major Open Open 3 Jun 2004 2 Feb 2007 0
Improvement MPJAR-41 Allow jar plugin to update manifest file with dependency path if deployed in other directory Unassigned Eric Giguere Minor Open Open 15 Dec 2004 12 Apr 2006 1
Improvement MPJAR-30 Manifest creation for dependency jars deployed in a sub-directory Unassigned Eric Giguere Minor Open Open 18 Jun 2004 30 May 2006 0
Bug MPJAR-25 improve mapping of manifest entries, share code with ejb Unassigned Brett Porter Minor Open Open 27 Apr 2004 30 May 2006 1
Improvement MPJAR-5 jar:install should not install snapshot if ther version ends with -SNAPSHOT Unassigned Trygve Laugstol Minor Open Open 18 Sep 2003 12 Apr 2004 0
Wish MPJAR-4 add jar.bundle property for dependencies Unassigned Joachim Bader Minor Open Open 1 Sep 2003 24 Mar 2005 3