Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Changelog Report

Timeframe: 30 days, Total Commits: 8 Total Number of Files Changed: 17

2004-07-11 03:05:04Brett Porter

project.xml v 1.36

xdocs/changes.xml v 1.12

[maven-scm-plugin] prepare release 1.4.1
2004-07-05 21:07:19Brett Porter

project.xml v 1.35

xdocs/changes.xml v 1.11

update commons-* dependencies
2004-06-30 05:25:56dIon Gillard

src/plugin-test/maven.xml v 1.3

src/plugin-test/project.xml v 1.2

Check results can be parsed at least
2004-06-30 05:02:53dIon Gillard

src/plugin-test/maven.xml v 1.2

2004-06-30 05:01:10dIon Gillard

src/plugin-test/.cvsignore v 1.1

src/plugin-test/file1.jmx v 1.1

src/plugin-test/maven.xml v 1.1

src/plugin-test/project.xml v 1.1

Add test for jmeter conversion
2004-06-30 05:01:34dIon Gillard

src/plugin-test/file1.jmx v 1.2

*** keyword substitution change ***
2004-06-30 04:46:16dIon Gillard

project.xml v 1.34

xdocs/changes.xml v 1.10

xdocs/goals.xml v 1.3

xdocs/index.xml v 1.4

Document JMeter version tested against
2004-06-25 15:24:30Brett Porter

project.xml v 1.33

use the nicer style of JIRA URL