Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Jira Report

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Type Key Summary Assignee Reporter Priority Status Created Updated Votes
Bug MPMULTIPROJECT-34 inconsistency mess building time-stamed snapshots Unassigned Joerg Schaible Critical Open Open 9 Jun 2004 14 Apr 2005 0
Bug MPMULTIPROJECT-71 CLONE -goal multiproject:create-nav seems to have lost pom.id Lukas Theussl Rupert Smith Major Open Open 14 Sep 2006 16 Feb 2007 2
Bug MPMULTIPROJECT-70 Multiproject plugin not using dependencies when maven.jar.override = on Unassigned Matthew Purland Major Open Open 25 Aug 2006 25 Aug 2006 0
Improvement MPMULTIPROJECT-55 Example more generic usage multiproject goals. Unassigned Davy Toch Major Open Open 31 Jul 2005 5 Dec 2005 1
Bug MPMULTIPROJECT-54 bug interacting with the cactus-plugin 1.7 Unassigned Raphaël Piéroni Major Open Open 23 Jun 2005 5 Dec 2005 0
Bug MPMULTIPROJECT-53 Multiproject:site-deploy copying files twice Unassigned Jeff Jensen Major Open Open 22 Jun 2005 5 Dec 2005 0
Bug MPMULTIPROJECT-51 Mixing different maven.build.dir settings in multiproject fails Unassigned Martijn Dashorst Major Open Open 24 Mar 2005 14 Apr 2005 0
Bug MPMULTIPROJECT-11 multiproject:artifact builds do not use local project artifacts for dependencies Unassigned John Fallows Major Reopened Reopened 5 Sep 2003 6 Mar 2004 4
Bug MPMULTIPROJECT-13 Presence of index.xml result in non process of navigation Unassigned Andy Jefferson Major Open Open 3 Sep 2003 30 Nov 2003 0
Bug MPMULTIPROJECT-15 multiproject : order of processing of javadoc and compile when xdoclet is needed Unassigned Andy Jefferson Major Open Open 20 Jul 2003 2 Dec 2003 0
Wish MPMULTIPROJECT-47 sorted projectlist Unassigned M. Maraun Minor Open Open 30 Dec 2004 14 Apr 2005 0
Improvement MPMULTIPROJECT-4 Provide the ability to ignore a particular project via the project.properties for that project Unassigned Sean Timm Minor Open Open 29 Oct 2003 30 Nov 2003 0
Improvement MPMULTIPROJECT-8 Allow for customizable multiproject overview page Unassigned dion gillard Minor Open Open 25 Sep 2003 30 Nov 2003 0