Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Release History

2.1 2007-05-08
2.0 2006-07-28
1.1 2004-07-08
1.0 2004-03-11

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Release 2.1 - 2007-05-08

update Add directories ${maven.nsis.src}, ${maven.build.dir}, and ${plugin.resources} to search NSIS plugins. aheritier
add Add a new template using MODERN_UI macros for a better Look and Feel. Fixes MPNSIS-15. aheritier
add The script "remove-shortcuts.nsh" can be used to remove shortcuts created in "startmenu-shortcuts.nsh" and "desktop-shortcuts.nsh". Fixes MPNSIS-13. aheritier
update Set compress options (force/lzma). aheritier
update NSIS plugin does not support silent uninstall. Remove the final dialog box. Fixes MPNSIS-12. aheritier

Release 2.0 - 2006-07-28

fix Use maven.nsis.build.dir instead of maven.dist.assembly.dir. Fixes MPNSIS-9. Thanks to Matthias Kerkhoff. dion
fix Fail when makensis fails. Fixes MPNSIS-8. Thanks to Matthias Kerkhoff. dion
update Rename ORGANIZATION constant to PROJECT_ORGANIZATION . dion
fix Check maven.nsis.exe exists before using it. Thanks to Geoffrey. dion
add Add faq Thanks to Geoffrey. dion
update Add back license to project.xml after the scm plugin removed it. dion

Release 1.1 - 2004-07-08

fix Desktop shortcuts cause a compile error Fixes MPNSIS-7. Thanks to Geoffrey. dion
fix Use pom.organization.name instead of pom.organization. dion
update Add PROJECT_URL to constants. Fixes MPNSIS-6. Thanks to Geoffrey. dion
fix Fix typo in registry uninstall key. dion
fix Generate exe in distributions directory. Fixes MPNSIS-2. Thanks to Geoffrey. dion
update Rename PROJECT_DIST_DIR constant to PROJECT_DIST_BIN_DIR , and define PROJECT_DIST_DIR to be ${maven.dist.dir} dion
update Add docs on how the plugin process works dion
update Add some basic documentation dion

Release 1.0 - 2004-03-11

add Initial release. brett