Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Release History

2.5.1 2007-03-28
2.5 2006-07-21
2.4 2005-09-05
2.3 2005-06-16
2.2.1 2004-10-30
2.2 2004-09-27
2.1 2004-05-15
2.0 2004-03-10 Beta Release.
1.2 2003-09-29
1.1 Unknown

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Release 2.5.1 - 2007-03-28

fix Unable to remove cover type and version. Fixes MPPDF-57. ltheussl

Release 2.5 - 2006-07-21

update Upgrade to Xalan 2.7.0. Fixes MPPDF-55. aheritier
update Upgrade to Xerces 2.8.0. Replace the deprecated xmlParserAPIs by xml-apis 1.3.03. Add the xml-resolver dependency for xerces. Fixes MAVEN-1753. aheritier
update An icon is added to the report entry in the navigation. Works only with the xdoc plugin 1.10 and above. aheritier
fix The links generated in the reports list are wrong. Works only with the xdoc plugin 1.10 and above. aheritier
add New property maven.pdf.createBookmarks to create PDF bookmarks. Thanks to Greg Ludington. ltheussl
fix Title and dates are incorrect when used with Maven 1.0.2. Fixes MPPDF-53. ltheussl
fix Identical ids in tables in different documents caused a build failure. Fixes MPPDF-54. ltheussl
update Update dependencies to match ones in maven 1.1 core and to unify them between plugins. Fixes MAVEN-1712. aheritier
fix An error occurs if the project logo or the company logo aren't defined. Fixes MPPDF-47. aheritier
fix Page numbering not correct with more than 10 items in menu. Fixes MPPDF-37. ltheussl
add New goal pdf:navigation-validate to validate the pdf navigation file. Fixes MPPDF-48. ltheussl
fix Fix maven.pdf.cover.projectCompany . Fixes MPPDF-50. ltheussl
add Make cover header- and footer-height configurable. ltheussl
fix Use optional id tag for sub/section anchors to avoid problems with identical names. Fixes MPPDF-40. ltheussl

Release 2.4 - 2005-09-05

update Make the plugin compatible with maven 1.0 and jdk 1.3/1.4/1.5 or with maven 1.1 and jdk 1.4/1.5. aheritier
fix sub-/superscripts do not work. Fixes MPPDF-43. Thanks to Lukas Theussl. aheritier
fix Error when logo locations are not set. Fixes MPPDF-42. Thanks to Lukas Theussl. aheritier
fix Suppress verbose output by default. Fixes MPPDF-41. Thanks to Lukas Theussl. aheritier
fix Missing patch for MPPDF-24 ( it defines a missing attribute for < code style="indent" > tags and cleans up some layout issues with definition lis ts). Fixes MPPDF-39. Thanks to Lukas Theussl. aheritier
fix Standardize copyright notices. Fixes MPPDF-35. Thanks to Lukas Theussl. aheritier
fix Fix some "contents overflows area" errors. Fixes MPPDF-33. Thanks to Valerie Nyre. aheritier
fix Cannot use SVG images. (batik: java.lang.NoSuchMethodError.) Fixes MPPDF-32. Thanks to Lukas Theussl. aheritier
fix Can't insert the logo image described in the POM if its path begins with a slash (as it works for the xdoc plugin). Fixes MPPDF-31. Thanks to Lukas Theussl. aheritier
fix Allow copy and paste from pdf to text editor. Fixes MPPDF-22. Thanks to Lukas Theussl. aheritier
add Allow the pdf plugin to be added as a project's report. Fixes MPPDF-9. Thanks to Fabrizio Giustina. aheritier
fix Add support for external imaging libraries like jimi and jai to use PNG images in generated pdf files. Fixes MPPDF-8. Thanks to Fabio Franco Uechi. aheritier
fix PDF generation doesn't use proxy settings for external resources. Fixes MPPDF-7. aheritier

Release 2.3 - 2005-06-16

update Use the ant task for the xsl transformation and remove xerces and xalan dependencies. People using java 5 will have to use this release with maven 1.1 or maven 1.0 with at the most the PDF plugin 2.2.X. Fixes MPPDF-38. aheritier
update Use the ant task for the fop transformation and remove xalan dependency. aheritier
fix maven pdf fails with footer in navigation.xml. Fixes MPPDF-36. Thanks to Lukas Theussl. aheritier
fix The first row of table is not rendered. Fixes MPPDF-30. Thanks to Lukas Theussl. aheritier
fix Internal links failed. Fixes MPPDF-24. Thanks to Lukas Theussl. aheritier
fix img src attributes are not made relative to the xdoc source. Fixes MPPDF-13. Thanks to Lukas Theussl. aheritier

Release 2.2.1 - 2004-10-30

fix The content of style tag was printed on the PDF file. Fixes MPPDF-21. aheritier
fix JDK 5.0 incompatibility. XSLT is now called from Jelly. Fixes MPPDF-16. Thanks to Archimedes Trajano. aheritier

Release 2.2 - 2004-09-27

fix PRE tag support added. Fixes MPPDF-14. aheritier
fix Show "v." in cover only when version is not empty. carlos
fix The new property "maven.pdf.navigationFilePath" allows you to define a different directory from ${maven.xdoc.src} for the navigation file. From now, the PDF plugin can be used in a multiproject environment with a navigation file dynamically generated. Fixes MPPDF-12. aheritier
add Add USLetter (8.5"x11") as a paper type. Fixes MPPDF-10. Thanks to M. Sean Gilligan. aheritier

Release 2.1 - 2004-05-15


Add xml-apis and xalan dependencies for JDK 1.3.


Release 2.0 - 2004-03-10

  • The PDF generation works if paths used in navigation.xml don't begin with a '/'.
  • The date on the cover worked for all projects (not only maven).
Fixes MPPDF-6. Thanks to Arnaud Heritier.
  • Tables management XSL code cleaned (duplications removed) and simplified.
  • Tables with THEAD/TBODY and tables with a first row compound of th have the same look : They use a table header which is copied on each page.
  • The cover is improved.
  • Internal and external links are differently colored.
  • XSL styles are extracted in a single file.
Fixes MPPDF-5. Thanks to Arnaud Heritier.
add Upgraded to xerces 2.4.0, fop 0.20.5, batik 1.5 evenisse
fix A new plugin property (maven.pdf.navigationFile) is added to allow the users to have a different navigation file for the site and for the pdf doc. Fixes MPPDF-3. Thanks to Arnaud Heritier. evenisse
fix The use of links inside xdocs don't lead to crash the PDF generation. Fixes MPPDF-2. Thanks to Arnaud Heritier. evenisse
update MAVEN-MPPDF-1. Completely re-write of the PDF plug-in. It solves most of the thorniest issues, such as table formatting, more levels in the table of contents, and image sizing. The graphic design is also dramatically improved. Fixes MPPDF-1. Thanks to Andrew Jaquith. evenisse

Release 1.2 - 2003-09-29

update update to use maven.docs.*/maven.gen.docs dion

Release 1.1 - Unknown

add Upgraded to xerces 2.3.0, xalan 2.4.1 and fop 0.20.5rc2 dion
add Added more documentation dion
add Fix plugin and fo stylesheet to get plugin working again dion
add Added table support. Thanks to Kai Runte. evenisse