Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Jira Report

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Type Key Summary Assignee Reporter Priority Status Created Updated Votes
Bug MPRELEASE-5 Premature plugin Unassigned Niclas Hedhman Blocker Open Open 23 Apr 2004 30 May 2006 0
Bug MPRELEASE-17 copy-dependencies does not work for type ejb-client Unassigned Fredrik Vraalsen Major Open Open 11 Jan 2006 11 Jan 2006 0
Bug MPRELEASE-10 release-version only accepts valid numbers as version Unassigned Havard Bjastad Major Open Open 30 Nov 2004 7 Feb 2005 0
Improvement MPRELEASE-7 goal convert-snapshots(-auto) Unassigned Roman Macko Major Open Open 7 Jun 2004 30 May 2006 0
Bug MPRELEASE-2 convert-snapshots does not change pom Unassigned Oliver Noelle Major Open Open 8 Dec 2003 24 Apr 2004 0
Bug MPRELEASE-8 Message is shown even when there are no snapshot dependencies Unassigned Carlos Sanchez Trivial Open Open 21 Jul 2004 30 May 2006 0