Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Using the Webstart plugin

Using the Webstart plugin is as simple as using the webstart:launch goal. However, to take advantage of the other features, the user can, if he wishes, follow these steps

  • Use the webstart:create-cache goal to setup a Webstart Cache at a user-defined location. You would call this goal from inside your application project in case you want to change the location of your Webstart Cache. This location is where Webstart downloads all the jars for your application
  • Use the webstart:start-local-app goal if you want to start the application locally. For this, you need to set the property "maven.webstart.local = true". You would call this goal if you access a Remote Application and the connection speed is not too great. Using this goal reduces the time Webstart spends in detecting a version update on the remote location.
  • Use the webstart:launch goal to start Webstart on the JNLP file you provide.

Note however, that the plugin can be used to call any of these goals individually. It is not necessary to call these goals in the specified order. Also, some mandatory environment-dependent properties need to be defined. See the Properties page for the details