Package org.apache.maven.project

Class Summary
Branch Contains information on the SCM branches of the project.
Build null
BuildBase null
Contributor Description of a person who has contributed to the project, but who does not have commit privileges.
Dependency null
Developer Information about one of the committers on this project.
FileSet null
License Describes the licenses for this project.
MailingList This element describes all of the mailing lists associated with a project.
Model The <project> element is the root of the descriptor.
ModelBase null
Organization Specifies the organization that produces this project.
PackageGroup A JavaDoc package group.
PatternSet null
PluginConfiguration null
PluginContainer null
Repository null
Resource This element describes all of the classpath resources associated with a project or unit tests.
SourceModification This element describes all of the source modifications associated with a project.
UnitTest null
Version This element describes each of the previous versions of the project.

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