Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.


The current stable release for maven 1.x is version 1.1, obtainable from the download page. No further development is planned for the 1.0 branch, and 1.1 is in maintenance mode, i.e. development is restricted to bug fixes.

The list of unresolved issues / enhancement requests for Maven 1.x can be browsed under the MAVEN JIRA project.

Most development on Maven is now done on the 2.x branch. Please visit the main Maven web site for information on Maven 2.

Maven 1.1

Maven 1.1 has been released, you can download it here.

The main changes with respect to Maven 1.0.2 are:

  • Integration of Maven 2 technologies such as Maven Wagon, Maven SCM and the new model code
  • Ant 1.6 support
  • Upgrade to later releases of dependencies, in particular Jelly, Dom4j and Jaxen
  • Improved POM layout
  • Updated versions of almost every bundled plugin
  • Documentation improvements
  • Bugfixes - check the JIRA changelog.

With just a few exceptions, Maven 1.1 is backwards compatible with Maven 1.0.