Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.


Class Class Todos Count Method Todos Count Field Todos Count
org.apache.maven.MavenSession 1 1 0
org.apache.maven.MavenUtils 2 3 0
org.apache.maven.cli.App 2 0 0
org.apache.maven.jelly.JellyUtils 0 1 0
org.apache.maven.jelly.tags.maven.MavenTag 1 0 0
org.apache.maven.jelly.tags.maven.ReactorTag 2 0 0
org.apache.maven.jelly.tags.werkz.MavenGoalTag.MavenGoalAction 1 0 0
org.apache.maven.plugin.GoalToJellyScriptHousingMapper 0 5 0
org.apache.maven.plugin.PluginCacheManager 0 0 1
org.apache.maven.plugin.PluginManager 0 14 0
org.apache.maven.plugin.PluginScriptParser 0 1 0
org.apache.maven.project.Project 1 5 0
org.apache.maven.repository.DefaultArtifactFactory 1 1 0
org.apache.maven.util.DVSLFormatter 1 0 0
org.apache.maven.util.DVSLPathTool 1 0 0
org.apache.maven.util.StringTool 1 0 0
org.apache.maven.verifier.DependencyVerifier 1 0 0


Class Todos
Filter the MavenSession version number into a Java constant that will change during compilation.
Method Todos
attainGoals(): don't throw exception


Class Todos
Remove all the context creation code and make a ContextBuilder class.
[RC2] split getProject (project.properties + defaults) != getPluginProject (plugin.properties only)
Method Todos
createContext(): should premerge driver, etc if they are being kept
createContextNoDefaults(): should premerge driver, etc if they are being kept
loadMessages(): Move locale tools into their own class.


Class Todos
Separate the computation of the available goals from the display of the goals. The goal computation logic needs to be moved out of this class and be placed in MavenSession.java proper.
All logging needs to be done via commons-logging. No System.err. and Jelly needs to be taught to take a logger. In an attempt to isolate everything in MavenSession.java.


Method Todos
compileScript(): throw something else


Class Todos
get rid of 'throws Exception'


Class Todos
We use the basedir for the glob, but we need to set the descriptor.
better use of inheritance from MavenTag


Class Todos
refactor into a separate class that gets the necessary variables delegated to it.


Method Todos
merge(): figure out which are actually needed, change redundant initialisers by removing here, or adding others to default constructor (eg goalProject init)
merge(): We should have a way to inherit entire werkz project instead of hokey goal copying
mergeMap(): Surely can be more efficient.
mergeMap(): if there isn't already a util function for this there should be.
getExecutionChain(): [1.0] use werkz beta-11 version instead


Field Todos
artifactIdCache: just for getPluginContext - should not be loading multiple versions, and hence using artifact ID instead of name everywhere...


Method Todos
createJellyScriptHousing(): refactor into housing
createJellyScriptHousing(): don't throw Exception
createJellyScriptHousing(): get rid of this - it duplicates functionality in the housing
createJellyScriptHousing(): [1.0] into the housing?
attainGoals(): stop throwing Exception
cleanupAttainGoal(): don't throw Exception
prepAttainGoal(): don't throw Exception
getGoalNames(): refactor to return mapper instead and use that, or perhaps instantiate a new plugin manager
addPluginToReinstall(): can this be removed and simplified if transient mapper contains the plugin mapping only?
reinstallPlugins(): can this be removed and simplified if transient mapper contains the plugin mapping only?
getPluginContext(): [1.0] refactor out, or make more appropriate structure
getPluginContext(): remove throws Exception
loadScript(): get rid of throws Exception
runScript(): get rid of throws Exception


Method Todos
startPrefixMapping(): check this works for multiple plugin versions


Class Todos
Change the file reference for the source POM to an URL.
Method Todos
getPluginContext(): [1.0] - when we are caching plugins, this should load on demand, also move to plugin manager
mergeLists(): eventually, just use sets instead.
addParentDependencies(): eventually, just use the map
resolveIds(): hopefully can be replaced by appropraite getters in modello
resolveDependencies(): hopefully can be replaced by appropraite getters in modello


Class Todos
The factor needs to take a properties file describing the acceptable types of artifacts. We can have a default set and also allow users to customize the list for their own purposes.
Method Todos
createArtifact(): not the intended usage of test type


Class Todos
move to org.apache.maven.util or make a jelly tag


Class Todos
move to org.apache.maven.util or make a jelly tag


Class Todos
move to org.apache.maven.util or make a jelly tag


Class Todos
Separate out the local settings verifier because this only needs to be run once a session, but is currently being run during project verification so this is a big waste in the reactor for example.