The current version of this plugin can be found here.

NOTE: Features with no version information have been present since the first final release of the plugin.

  • Inclusion of dependencies, modules [2.1], file-sets, and individual files
  • Inclusion of project website documentation [2.1]
  • Flexible directory structures for assembly elements
  • All assembly inclusions controlled by include/exclude pattern sets
  • Option to unpack artifact files into the assembly [deprecated in 2.2]
  • Project modules can be included as source files or in binary form [2.1]
  • Reusable assembly-descriptor components [2.1]
  • Supported archive formats include: zip, tar, tar.gz (or tgz), tar.bz2 (or tbz2), jar, dir, war (and any other format that the ArchiveManager has been configured for).
  • Directory-only assemblies
  • Filtering and line-ending conversion for file-sets and individual files
  • Directory and file attributes (modes) [2.1]
  • Artifact filename mapping with expression support [2.1]
  • Descriptor interpolation using current project and other assembly descriptor information [2.1]
  • Embedded Maven repository creation with artifact version alignment [2.1]
  • Security / signature information stripped from embedded artifacts prior to inclusion [2.1]