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Regular font. Italic font. Bold font. Monospaced font.

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Basic icons = Success, Warning, Error, Info:


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RSS icon (shared across multiple plugins):


Section title

Sub-section title

Sub-sub-section title

Sub-sub-sub-section title
Sub-sub-sub-sub-section title


  • List item 1.
  • List item 2.

    Paragraph contained in list item 2.

    • Sub-list item 1.
    • Sub-list item 2.
  • List item 3. Force end of list:

Numbered list with multiple schemes: [[1]], [[a]], [[A]], [[i]], [[I]]

  1. Numbered item 1.
    1. Numbered item A.
    2. Numbered item B.
  2. Numbered item 2.
    1. Numbered item a.
    2. Numbered item b.
  3. Numbered item 3.
    1. Numbered item i.
    2. Numbered item i.
  4. Numbered item 4.
    1. Numbered item I.
    2. Numbered item I.
Defined term 1
of definition list.
Defined term 2
of definition list.
Verbatim text
                        in a box        
Verbatim text
                     without box        
Figure caption
Table caption
Centered cell 1,1 Left-aligned cell 1,2 Right-aligned cell 1,3
cell 2,1 cell 2,2 cell 2,3

No grid, no caption:

cell cell
cell cell
header header
cell cell

Horizontal line:

Force line

Non breaking space.