Maven Core ITs

Maven Core Integration Tests provide tooling to test every aspect of Maven functionalities with any Maven version.

This project is split in 2 modules:

Running the Core ITs

By default, the project just packages the tests in an artifact. To actually run them, activate the run-its profile:

mvn clean test -Prun-its

This will subject the Maven version running the build to the integration tests.

If you would like to test a different Maven distribution, you can use the mavenHome system property to specify the path of the Maven distribution to test:

mvn clean test -Prun-its -DmavenHome=<maven-under-test>

Alternatively, you can just specify the version of a previously installed/deployed Maven distribution which will be downloaded, unpacked and tested:

mvn clean test -Prun-its -DmavenVersion=2.2.1

To run the ITs using embedded Maven 3.x, additionally activate the embedded profile.

ITs that don't require to fork Maven can also be run from the IDE using the Maven projects from the workspace if the Maven dependencies are added to the test class path.

If you're behind a proxy, use the system properties, proxy.port, proxy.user, proxy.pass and proxy.nonProxyHosts to specify the required proxy setup for the ITs. Alternatively, set the system property to a URL of a local repository manager (anonymous authentication only) that proxies the required artifacts.