Maven 2 Archetype Plugin

The Archetype Plugin allows the user to build archetype containers. These archetype containers contains the pom, default source, test, resources, test-resources, and site-resources files in a specific directory structure. The content of the pom, the default files, and the directory structure depends on the what archetype container was built.

Upon writing this documentation, there are ten (10) available archetype containers provided by maven These are:

  • maven-archetype-archetype
  • maven-archetype-j2ee-simple
  • maven-archetype-mojo
  • maven-archetype-portlet
  • maven-archetype-profiles (currently under development)
  • maven-archetype-quickstart
  • maven-archetype-simple (currently under development)
  • maven-archetype-site
  • maven-archetype-site-simple, and
  • maven-archetype-webapp

Goals Overview

The Archetype Plugin has two goals:

  • archetype:create looks for an achetype with a given groupId, artifactId, and version and retrieves it from the remote repository. Once the archetype is retrieved, it is then processed against a set of user parameters to create a working Maven project.
  • archetype:create-from-project creates an archetype from an existing Maven projecct.


Instructions on how to use the Archetype Plugin can be found here.