Describe Goal

Assuming you have configured the Maven JMod Plugin accordingly to the usage page like the following:

          <!-- configuration elements goes here -->

You can run via:

mvn clean verify

During the above call of Maven the jmod files will be generated and by the describe goal you will get an output like the following (using toolchains):

[INFO] --- maven-jmod-plugin:3.0.0-alpha-1:describe (describe) @ first-jmod ---
[INFO] Toolchain in maven-jmod-plugin: jmod [ /../jdk1.9.0_ea+181.jdk/Contents/Home/bin/jmod ]
[INFO] The following information is contained in the module file /.../maven-single-jmod-example/target/jmods/first-jmod.jmod
[INFO] com.corporate.project@1.0-SNAPSHOT
[INFO] exports com.corporate.project
[INFO] requires java.base