Package org.apache.maven.model.building

Interface Summary
ModelBuilder Builds the effective model from a POM.
ModelBuildingEvent Holds data relevant for a model building event.
ModelBuildingListener Defines events that the model builder fires during construction of the effective model.
ModelBuildingRequest Collects settings that control the building of effective models.
ModelBuildingResult Collects the output of the model builder.
ModelCache Caches auxiliary data used during model building like already processed raw/effective models.
ModelProblem Describes a problem that was encountered during model building.
ModelProblemCollector Collects problems that are encountered during model building.
ModelSource Provides access to the contents of a POM independently of the backing store (e.g. file system, database, memory).

Class Summary
AbstractModelBuildingListener Provides a skeleton implementation for model building listeners.
DefaultModelBuilderFactory A factory to create model builder instances when no dependency injection is available.
DefaultModelBuildingRequest Collects settings that control building of effective models.
DefaultModelProblem Describes a problem that was encountered during model building.
FileModelSource Wraps an ordinary File as a model source.
ModelProblemUtils Assists in the handling of model problems.
StringModelSource Wraps an ordinary CharSequence as a model source.
UrlModelSource Wraps an ordinary URL as a model source.

Enum Summary
ModelProblem.Severity The different severity levels for a problem, in decreasing order.

Exception Summary
ModelBuildingException Signals one ore more errors during model building.

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