Class StringSearchModelInterpolator

  extended by org.apache.maven.model.interpolation.AbstractStringBasedModelInterpolator
      extended by org.apache.maven.model.interpolation.StringSearchModelInterpolator
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public class StringSearchModelInterpolator
extends AbstractStringBasedModelInterpolator

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  Interpolator createInterpolator()
 Model interpolateModel(Model model, File projectDir, ModelBuildingRequest config, ModelProblemCollector problems)
          Interpolates expressions in the specified model.
protected  void interpolateObject(Object obj, Model model, File projectDir, ModelBuildingRequest config, ModelProblemCollector problems)
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Constructor Detail


public StringSearchModelInterpolator()
Method Detail


public Model interpolateModel(Model model,
                              File projectDir,
                              ModelBuildingRequest config,
                              ModelProblemCollector problems)
Description copied from interface: ModelInterpolator
Interpolates expressions in the specified model. Note that implementations are free to either interpolate the provided model directly or to create a clone of the model and interpolate the clone. Callers should always use the returned model and must not rely on the input model being updated.

model - The model to interpolate, must not be null.
projectDir - The project directory, may be null if the model does not belong to a local project but to some artifact's metadata.
config - The model building request that holds further settings, must not be null.
problems - The container used to collect problems that were encountered, must not be null.
The interpolated model, never null.


protected void interpolateObject(Object obj,
                                 Model model,
                                 File projectDir,
                                 ModelBuildingRequest config,
                                 ModelProblemCollector problems)


protected Interpolator createInterpolator()
Specified by:
createInterpolator in class AbstractStringBasedModelInterpolator

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